I photograph Cheshire weddings in my own relaxed, authentic style.


I am quiet, calm and for most of the day you won't really know I'm there. When shooting the all important portraits I aim for natural, authentic expressions with the minimum of fuss. 

I regularly travel to Manchester, Liverpool and the surrounding areas and I am happy to go further afield whenever I can.

“Wow Amanda thank you so much!!!! They are absolutely beautiful, you are so unbelievably talented!! We are absolutely delighted and can’t thank you enough.”
— Kim and Ste


Gorgeous images from a selection of beautiful weddings in and around Cheshire.

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You should know that I have a bit of a split personality. I’m usually pretty sensitive to peoples feelings and I try very hard not to upset anyone. I’m a bit of a gentle soul and I tend to handle wedding days like the precious gems that they are. I want to protect them and nurture them along. This means I tread carefully, making small adjustments or suggestions to get the images that I want. I want your wedding to look completely beautiful in photographs but I also want it to be real and honest. 

My other persona is the one my husband affectionately refers to as G.I. Mandy. He prefers her I think because she tends to be the one who gets stuff done. I think of her as my inner Lara Croft. You won’t see her much on a wedding day unless things really start to go south but if your car gets a flat tyre she can change it in minutes! She can also Macgyver together solutions when tripods or flashguns stop working and doesn’t mind standing out in the rain to get the perfect doorway shot.