Wedding Photography Books and Albums

Modern vintage wedding photography is a mix of the old and new much like these classic style albums. Modern printing techniques with a traditional book design and binding. Newly made to last a lifetime. I feel they match my photography which is both creatively modern and somewhat nostalgic.


A wedding album is a family heirloom. During your first year as newlyweds you will look at it often. You will relive the day and share it with family and friends. Your parents will get a little misty eyed looking at it and will want to show all their friends too. Then you will put it on a shelf or table and look at it less often. Eventually a few months or maybe even a year will go by without you opening it. But one day someone will ask to see it. It may even be your own daughter. You will look through the album together, answering questions about who is who. She will marvel at how beautiful you looked and you will remember all the little details. It might not even be your daughter, maybe a niece, a friend or even a granddaughter but one day it will happen. It is that moment that I create wedding albums for. It is that moment when you will truly appreciate its importance.

I've taken great care to select a range of albums that I feel give my clients a beautiful product that will last a lifetime. I have looked at numerous albums from many different suppliers. I want to provide high quality, with a range of finishes and sensible prices. I insist on a supplier who has great customer service and excellent production turnaround time. For me, Loxley Colour, a Glasgow based company, tick all those boxes. I have been working with them for a number of years now and have always been very pleased their services. However, there are always new products and suppliers coming to the market. I like to keep my eyes open for exciting new products and if you have any suggestions or special requests just let me know.


I also produce these large album canvases which really need to be seen to be appreciated. At 36 inches square they make a real impact if you have the wall space. There is nothing quite like seeing your wedding images all together like that though. It really emphasizes all the colour schemes and how the day came together.