Do you need a wedding album? - Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Well need is a pretty strong word I think! Could you survive without one? Sure. But do you want one? It's obviously a personal choice and completely up to you, so why do I always include an album with my wedding package? Well, I believe that if you have invested a significant amount of money in your wedding photography then it is worth having those photographs preserved in a beautiful way. After all, the whole point is that those pictures can be shared and enjoyed by your whole family. True, this can be done with digital files. My clients also get digital copies of their photographs and following the honeymoon there is a wonderful flurry of activity as files are shared on Facebook, via email and posted on the web. But what about in the years to come? To me digital files are somewhat intangible. We've all heard the stories of lost images through failed hard drives, scratched DVD's and misplaced USB's. (All my files are backed up 3 times just in case!)

Wedding albums on the other hand are solid and permanent. I know that if I am lucky enough to live to an old age I will keep mine with me. It is an heirloom for my family and while my young children enjoy to look through it now (and wonder where they were!) I hope that they will enjoy sharing it with their children too. So this is what I had in mind when I chose the albums that I supply. I wanted quality that would endure and survive generations.

wedding albums
wedding albums

I looked at a lot of albums when choosing suppliers. There is a bewildering array of choice out there and I didn't want my clients to have to sift through hundreds of choices. Obviously cost was a consideration but mainly I looked for quality and durability in a style that I loved. I settled on the Bellisimo range from Loxley Colour and in particular the Classico because of the paper choices. The pearlescent paper that is offered suits my photography very well and pulls the whole album together. I want my photographs displayed at their very best and obviously you want the printing to be top notch.

Another feature that I love is the leather boxes that these albums come in. They feel so solid and durable and will really protect your album from all but the worst disasters. I choose real leather for the covers, again for durability and this comes in a huge range of colours. Having made the choices that I feel are important the rest is up to my clients. They obviously choose which images are included in the album and we usually go through a couple of layout revisions before the album is ordered. There is a choice of covers including acrylic, aluminium and etched leather. I include in my packages a 10 x 10 inch album with 30 pages but this can easily be enlarged or extended as desired. (One thing I thought about when choosing sizes for my albums was my own mistake. I have a beautiful wedding album with a gorgeous wooden cover that I know will last forever but it is very heavy and huge to boot. Consequently it doesn't fit on most book shelves and is quite an effort to handle. Just know that my clients are benefitting from my mistake on this one and bigger is not always better!) Duplicate albums in smaller sizes are also available. These make great gifts for parents and family and are of the same high quality.

The main albums are included in my wedding package pricing. I keep it simple with just one package that includes an engagement shoot, signing book or frame, full day coverage, digital files and one of these 30 page albums in a 10 x 10 inch size. All for £1000. This pricing will be increasing a little in the New Year so to take advantage of my current offer be sure to contact me as soon as possible.