Horse and Bride Portraits

Horses have a way of creeping into your heart and leaving hoofprints on your soul. I have no idea why I was so infatuated with ponies as a young girl. But I wasn't alone. For some of us its just a part of who we are and no matter where life takes us they never quite leave our thoughts. We grow up and life gives us other responsibilities but horses remind of us the young girls we still are.


Ellie got married. She has a beautiful daughter as well as a home and a job. Her life has changed but Cooper remains her rock. He is her friend, her me time and he reminds her of who she has always been. She whispers her secrets to him and he is the best listener. They have that special bond between a girl and her horse.

Ellie would have loved to have Coops there on her wedding day but these things are not so easy to organise. We did, however, get to shoot Ellie looking spectacular in her dress with Cooper at home and relaxed in his surroundings. They are both stunning and it was a pleasure to work with them. I'm sure Ellie and her family will treasure these for years to come x

Ellie's stunning dress is from The Bridal Room in Hoylake. Find out more about my 'Frock and Forelock' shoots here.