Frock and Forelock Photo Shoots

Horses have always held a special place in my heart and I have spent many years enjoying their company. It's been a long time now since I've ridden and yet a whiff of haylage or polished leather and I am right there again. For some of us horses are just in our blood no matter what we do. These photography sessions are a celebration of that bond. I love to take pictures of horses, who wouldn't, but what I really enjoy is capturing the relationship between horse and human. The love that drives you to be there for your companion in all weather and care for them every day.


When we were young horses were mostly what we dreamed about. Ponies, rosettes and plaited tails. Then we grew up and life got a little more complicated. If you can keep your equine companion with you through life's changes then you truly have a special bond. A wedding is one of those changes and many of my brides would have liked to include their horsey best friend in their day. He is such a big part of your life after all. However, its rarely practical to ride your friend up the aisle no matter how well behaved he is. So these photography sessions bridge the gap. They are a celebration of your relationship with your horse through life's changes and big moments. And let's face it who wouldn't want pictures with their horse when they look this amazing. 

Cheshire Horse Photography

A "Frock and Forelock" photo shoot takes place after the wedding. You have the opportunity to wear your dress again, have your hair and makeup done and feel thoroughly beautiful. The shoot can take place anywhere that is practical for both you and your horse. Usually this is your stable or yard as we want your horse to feel relaxed and be well behaved. However, I have worked with horses for much of my life and know that things don't always go according plan. I'm always super patient and ready to keep calm whatever happens on the day. I recommend bringing along a friend to help and if your new husband would like to be involved he can join in too. The shoot will last for approximately one hour depending on how the location works and how happy your horse is about being photographed. Following the shoot you will get an online digital gallery with a minimum of 30 images that you can download, print and share however you wish. Usually these shoots cost £200. For a limited time I am offering them for just £100. I am based in Cheshire and travel within a 50 mile radius is included. Contact me to check availability.

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