I want you to enjoy the wedding planning process. It shouldn't be complicated yet sometimes it feels like there are so many decisions to make and so many options to choose from. I've tried to make it as straight forward as possible while still giving you all the information you need. Please go to this page where you can view and download my pricing brochure. I have 3 packages starting at £850. If you have any questions at all contact me at mandy@amandabalmain.com.

The good news is that there is a photographer for every budget. There are photographers just starting out who charge very little and award winning film photographers who you can fly in from South America should you wish. However, broadly speaking as with most other services you get what you pay for. If a photographer seems cheap then ask yourself why would that be (they might have a good reason and if it fits with your plans then great!) and if they seem expensive ask, is the investment worth it to you. It's a very individual choice and all I would advise is to take your time to do some research. Decide exactly what you are looking for and make sure whoever you choose can deliver what you want. This is a big day and I know you've heard it before but the photographs are one of the few things you will have left when its all over - besides a new husband of course!